Easy Functions of the Hydraulic Car Lift

One of the basic equipment used in the transportation of goods and people is the hydraulic lift. The lifts can carry huge amounts of the load with ease. A type of hydraulic lift is the hydraulic car lift which is used to lift cars. Cars can’t be lifted manually if it needs servicing. It needs to be lifted vertically by a car lift. Sometimes car needs to be lifted for transportation. Hydraulic lifts to aid in such jobs.


Lots of designs are available for hydraulic car lifts. The two types that are popular among customers are:

The two posts and four posts lift. These lifts have arms that stretch underneath the car. The lift then raises the car to height, suspending it on its arms. This kind of lift is suitable for clearing garage space. It is also the most popular type among those who repair their car. These types of lifts can be bought as mobile column lifts from reputable manufacturers.  So those who require storage and ease of repairing are advised to go for this model.

Another common type is the drive on the type of lift. This one has a platform on which the car is kept. The idea is a sort of car rack. So the car is lifted up, metal rack and all together. It is ideal for storage in factories and showrooms.

How does it function?

The hydraulic car lifts work on the simple principle known as hydraulics. It is something you might have come across in your science classes back in school. The principle is that when you apply force to one amount of liquid, the force gets transferred through the water, onto another quantity of liquid. The mechanism is extremely simple. It is something even a toy water gun uses though on a smaller scale. In a water gun, we put pressure on the trigger which is transferred to the water contained in a tube, which ejects the water.

One would say that how can the pressure applied manually on one end have an impact that can lift a car? It is because science is a genius. The pressure that you apply on end, by the principle of hydraulics, gets multiplied at the other end. So a small amount of pressure applied can easily lift something as heavy as a car.

Hydraulic car lifts have pistons in them. Pistons are the points that exert the force. Most hydraulic car lifts have more than two pistons. You apply force on one piston, and the piston at the other end lifts the object. The pistons in between actually keep multiplying your simple exerted force. The multiplied force transmits to the last piston and lifts the car. Number of pistons means more the resultant force produced. Instead of water, oil is used in the pistons of hydraulic car lifts.

One thing you must be aware of if you own a hydraulic car lift. Never let an air bubble get inside the pistons. Air, unlike liquid, doesn’t transmit force equally. If somehow an air bubble enters the system of the hydraulic car lift, your whole equipment will be ruined. The air absorbs most of the pressure that is being exerted at the other end. So the second piston can’t move and can’t lift the car off the ground.

You must be careful about this in case you own or want to own a hydraulic car lift. Proper maintenance of equipment is necessary. Some suggest that it should be checked daily. Some manufacturers offer maintenance for certain situations, as well. Machines can have wear and tear after a considerable period of use. Maintenance will ensure that it stays in good working shape.…

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