Private Jet Food Experience: What to Expect?

One question that often makes rounds among the private jet flyers is ” What type of food can they expect on the private plane?” And, the answer is simple; whatever you wish. But this answer comes with an asterisk- you might not be able to decide what you want.

When you fly with a private charter, every little detail is taken into account to ensure that your flight is satisfactory, and the food is given a lot of attention. The private jets offer you every type of food you can think of, from top food chains to Michelin star cooked sake and sushi. When it comes to the food, the sky is surely the limit.

Dining on a private jet at the 40,000ft is like an elevated experience which is designed and created artfully. The attendants take extra care to deliver meals as per the guest’s expectation and tastes. These professionals spend hours training, researching and understanding the client preference, dining trends, and presentation of food on the flight. While there would be customers requesting for elaborate and extravagant menus, the majority of flyers select the simple dishes. So, what do most of the private charter flyers order on board? Take a look:

Champagne and light snacks onboard a private charter●     Light & Refreshing

As per the Robb Report, most of the customers prefer light and refreshing food while traveling up in the air as the body’s need will be different than on the ground. Heavy and rich meals can lead to the feeling of being full, and the customers can start to feel sluggish. To stay energized, focused and sharp on your private flight; many customers prefer fruits, salads, low sodium soups, eggs, and plant-based meals.

●     Excellent Presentation

There are different training programs for cabin attendants where the chefs and staff learn the importance of presentation and plating on the private flights. Appropriate serving size and carefully crafted recipes for customer’s delight. Cooking on the flight is a great way for cabin attendants to create an elegant and personal flight experience for customers.

●     Advanced Culinary Training

To create a standout experience for the private jet customers, many cabin attendants pursue add-on culinary training and certifications to encourage excellence and learning. There are a lot of attendants who have the background of working in other high-end hotels and hold culinary degrees which also translates to sophisticated experience for the guests.

What’s Included In the Menu?

So the real question is what type of food can be expected on a private jet? Whether you want to have chocolate covered berries, s champagne bottle, vegan cuisine, bologna or simply a cheese sandwich – your desires are fully covered.

Choose from a freshly prepared meal from the local caterer on the flight or experience the five-star in-flight VIP catering for celebrity entourages and business travelers. You can request for the catering menu on the airport and finalize your decision. As mentioned before, keeping the altitude in consideration, customers like to prefer simple and light food. Here are some of the popular choices:

●     Fresh Fruits

The fresh fruit platter is considered to be a popular choice on the private planes at any given time of the day. The fruit salad is arranged beautifully with the selection of seasonal fruits such as berries, melon, pineapple, mango or kiwi. However, cabin crew also takes care of guest’s preferences to avoid any sort of allergies.

●     Champagne

Champagne is one of the most requested drinks on the private jets. Though soda and bottled water are standard in all the flights, champagne is always considered to be favorite among the guests.

●      Pizza

Surprisingly many of the travelers like to order pizza during their flight. Most of the times the pizzas are freshly prepared by the staff caterer, or if the customer has requested for a special pizza from a restaurant, the same is arranged for the delivery to the plane.

Flight crew preparing a meal●     Roasted or Grilled Chicken

Chicken is one of the very popular lunch choices on mid-range flights which is often presented with salad. Stuffed chick or roasted chicken dishes are also very popular as a dining option on the long distance flights.

●     Sushi

Sushi is also one of the highly requested food items on private jet flights. While sushi can be prepared on the board by the chef, many clients also request for sushi from their favorite Asian restaurant from where private jet companies source the dish and serve the guests onboard.

●     Meat & Cheese Platter

Cured meat and cheese platter is commonly served on the short flights or smaller jets. It’s served with the baked bread or with the salad or cold antipasti dishes.

●     Pastries

Warm croissants, sandwiches with coffee are the most requested items for breakfast on the day return flights. There are many continental pastry selections along with fruit, doughnuts and other beverages.

If you are traveling on a private jet, make sure you let your charter service company know beforehand about your dietary requirements, allergies so that they can take care of it while preparing the meals.

One of the benefits of flying with the private jet service company like MBSF Private Jets Los Angeles is that before booking your plane, you can also arrange for the special catering for your trip. You will get the opportunity to select the food and beverages as you like.

The selection of VIP gourmet food items are unlimited, but it is recommended that you discuss your meal preference with the cabin attendant before scheduling your flight to allow caters ample amount of time to get you the world-class experience of flying in the private jet.…

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