How to Find a Job After Nursing School


A lot of graduates these days have a problem with finding a job right after school. Even if you are a top graduate of the best nursing school in town and even when the demand for registered nurses is quite high, there are times when you can’t get a job, especially the job that you want. You might even come to the point when you ask yourself what is wrong with you and why you are not being chosen by employers.

If you are indeed having problems with getting a NY school nurse job right after nursing school, then it may be high time for you to check out some tips from actual people who have bagged themselves a great job opportunity even before they have graduated. Here are some tips that may be of use to you. Be sure to read them well.

#1 Get a reality check and come to terms with what you have to work with

You have to understand where you are standing right now. If you are in need of money because you want to pay off your student loans as fast as you can, then being picky about what job you will get is not a good idea. Of course, you have to understand that nursing jobs aren’t easy. You will have to bend backward just to accommodate all of your patients. You have to come to terms with that too.

#2 Be flexible but be goal-oriented

If you are interested in working with kids, then you should make it your goal to get into the pediatrics ward. Of course, you may not immediately be assigned to the ward right after graduation. However, you shouldn’t lose hope. You have to think that any detour you make along the way will eventually bring you to the kind of place you want to be in the career you have chosen.

#3 Introduce yourself

There is no room for you to feel shy about yourself when you are looking for a job. That is why you have to be initiative when you are out job hunting. Right from when you are earning your registered nurse experience at any medical facilities, you have to make sure to introduce yourself to the head nurse. After that, you can ask to be introduced to the manager of the said facility. In some cases, you might be feeling even braver. For that, try walking straight into the manager’s office.

Make sure to introduce your name clearly. That way, the head nurse or the manager can remember you. Moreover, don’t forget to tell these higher ups how happy you are with the experience in the facility. Don’t forget to inject the fact that you would love to work in the said place in the future.

#4 Be positive and professional

A big smile can earn you an extra mile in the race toward getting a job. You have to be a positive person, and you should always have that professional drive. Every hiring manager wants someone who they can work together with. You should be capable of blending in with the entire team with ease.

#5 Put effort in your cover letter

The cover letter you send together with your resume should not be too generic. Some people might tell you that the cover is not necessary, but that is not the case. You have to put effort into making a great resume. It should be different, professional, and ready to be read by high-ranking nursing administrations. You’ll get a decent job better when you show these people that you are ready for the job.…

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