Silly Myths About Drinking Cold Water During Meals

Enjoying a glass of cold or ice water with or after a meal is fairly common in many societies. Theories abound as to how ice water can affect people, particularly after eating. Here are some of the rumors around and actual effects of ice water on digestion.

A woman enjoying her ice-cold waterIce Water Causes Heart Attacks and Cancer

There is an emailed rumor that started in 2006, which claimed that drinking ice water after a meal would solidify the fats from the partially digested meal, and cause them to react with the acids of the stomach, leading them to line the digestive tract. This lining of fat would eventually lead to cancer or might contribute to the unlucky person having a heart attack. This is, however, an urban legend. By the time food enters the digestive tract, it has been warmed by the body, and is already broken down and thoroughly mixed by the stomach. It would not separate out to line the digestive tract with fat, and there have been no studies that link fat to cancer in this way, although consuming too much fat over a long period of time can increase the chances of heart attack by raising cholesterol levels.

Cold Water Cools Digestion

In some Eastern medicines, it is commonly accepted that drinking cold or ice water can slow down digestion, which might be harmful to health. Generally, this view sees digestion as a ‘hot’ process and encourages the consumption of warmed and cooked foods and warm or hot drinks to strengthen the digestive process. This is considered particularly helpful for people who have weak digestion. According to this school of thought, drinking cold water, or indeed, eating or drinking anything that is at lower than room temperature, will lead to bloating, stomach cramps and discomfort. Western science does not support this view, but following it is a personal preference and will certainly not do any harm.

Drinking Water Slows or Stops Digestion

Another rumor surrounding drinking water after a meal postulates that the water can dilute the stomach acid, slowing down digestion. However, this is also false. Studies of diabetics have shown that water consumed with food makes no difference in the rate of glycemic and insulin responses, and the speed of digestion governs these responses. So, changing the amount of water that is drunk with or after a meal does not change how quickly the meal is digested. However, in some cases, for example, when someone suffers from acid reflux, drinking too much water at once can aggravate the condition by lifting the acid.

Ice water generally does not harm and in fact can be helpful, as water that is slightly cooler than body temperature tends to be absorbed faster than warm water. It can also help to bring down body temperature on a hot day and tends to taste better. Water is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body, so try to drink enough to stay hydrated during the day.…

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Healthy Coffee Drinks May Cut Calorie Intake

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It had been the early morning drink for most people to start their day at home or the office. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why the coffee shop business had been growing continuously, and they had been the landmines of calories especially for those who are on a weight loss diet or diet-conscious customers.

Coffee is known to aid in weight loss because of its caffeine content. The caffeine in coffee stimulates a thermogenic effect; or calorie burning effect on the body which is good for weight loss. It is also a good appetite suppressant that reduces food cravings, but one of its drawbacks is its diuretic effect. The caffeine allows the body to excrete more water through frequent urination thus resulting in water loss in the body.

Coffee Chains

The allure of coffees from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Peet’s Coffee & Tea and other coffee chains that make all these fancy coffee beverages irresistible can offend anyone’s weight loss diet. The fact is all these coffee drinks are not solely made from coffee, but from espresso. Coffee in itself is almost zero calories, and everything is about the milk and sugar used that make up all the calories in it.

Espresso is a way of making coffee from an espresso coffee maker like the Aeropress espresso maker by forcing out the hot water through the ground coffee beans and gave birth to all these fancy drinks bought from coffee shops like cappuccino, macchiato, latte, Americano, and mocha all of which are dependent on the proportion of the milk. And as far as calories are concerned, this go with the type and amount of milk used, sugar and other concoctions that are added to it.

People who are on a weight loss diet will find it hard to resist all these wonderful treats, but a simple way of substituting these to healthier yet delicious drinks that they can enjoy will do the trick without sacrificing the taste.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte with whipped cream on top is a whopping 410 caloriesCutting the Calories

A special treat of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte grande with whole milk and whipped cream has a total of 410 calories but ordering a tall, non-fat without the whip will cut down the calories to 200. Using syrup instead of artificial sugars will tone down the calories even more us. A good alternative for this is the Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte with non-fat milk. This drink has a total of 130 calories and still a great, delicious treat for any dieter on the go.

A medium-sized Caramel Apple Latte treat from Dunkin Donuts has 340 calories but changing it to a medium – sized Vanilla Latte Lite with Splenda sweetening will merely cut those calories down 130.

A Turtle Mocha treat from Caribou Coffee will tip off any dieter with its high-calorie content with all the chocolate or caramel in it. Ordering a medium-sized serving of this delicious coffee sums up to 640 calories plus the fat and sugars. Changing this to the Northern Lite Turtle Latte with skim milk without the whipped cream will bring down the calories all the way to 130.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Caffé Mocha has 448 calories with all the milk and chocolate in it substituting it with a medium – sized Caffé Mocha with Sugar-Free Chocolate with non – fat milk without the cream will reduce the calories to 195.

Espresso Yourself

Dieters who want to cut down on their calorie intake can still enjoy all these delicious beverages through healthier and lesser calorie alternatives and once in a while treats will not damage a weight loss diet plan at all.

One of the best ways to enjoy these espresso blends is making them at home. Anyone can make their combination of sugars and milk and reduce the number of calories all the way down to 100 and lesser. A Braun aroma deluxe coffee maker or any coffee making machine will do and with the perfect ground of coffee will give each sip that ideal taste.…

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Slimfy Supplement Review

Slimfy Supplement ReviewAre you trying hard to lose your weight? Do you head on to the gym in the hope of losing those extra pounds from your belly and thighs? Do you try out any artificial dietary weight loss supplements to reduce your weight? If yes, then you should stop all the efforts you have been doing so far for losing your weight. Dump that weight loss supplement in the trash bin. Click on to a weight loss supplement, Slimfy, which is purely natural in every way. If you are excited to grab Slimfy, then you have to wait for a while and read through the several aspects of the famous weight loss supplement. Make time to have a look at the Slimfy supplement review which will let you know how good or bad the weight loss product is.

About Slimfy
The product aims to reduce your weight naturally with the help of natural ingredients which are used in the weight loss product. Slimfy claims that if you are unable to decrease your overweight, then the product will get you rid of weight gain issues. You have to take the product in three stages. The product comes in three stages such as detox, lose and maintain. The ingredients of the product are green tea extract, saffron extract, ginger, milk, coffee bean extract, milk thistle, raspberry ketone, and lychee fruit. The weight loss product, Slimfy, can surmount your weight gain in a natural way.

Easy Accessibility
You do not have to face difficulty in getting the weight loss product. You can access the product from the maker’s website or Amazon. The users of the product are happy by the easy accessibility. Through the online process, you can get the product at your doorstep.

The Rising Price
As the weight loss product can be available in three formulas, you have to pay a heavy rate for the product. The weight loss product might appear too expensive or too costly for some customers. On the contrary, other customers are of the opinion that the high price of the product is worthwhile. The high price doesn’t matter to many customers because they are satisfied with the quality of the product.

Effective Ingredients
The ingredients of the weight loss product have proved to be very useful for many customers. Some other customers find that Slimfy takes a lot of time in reducing their excessive weight. On the other hand, some customers reported that the product started showing positive effects after a few months. One blogging website, MBSF, chronicled the ingredients, side effects & reviews of Slimfy. The ingredients are indeed very effectual in mitigating the weight of obese people. The natural ingredients such as green coffee extract and green tea extract are potent enough to act positively on your metabolism. The two effective ingredients have a great positive impact on the metabolism of a person’s body. Hence, it is the result of those two ingredients which let reduce a person’s weight with ease.

Approved as a Top Slimming Supplement
There are numerous reasons which made Slimfy top the list of all weight loss supplements.

•    All ingredients which are used in the slimming supplement are completely natural. The complete weight loss package of Slimfy helps control your weight gain in a natural process. The essential ingredients help burn your body fat and make you slim in a few months.

•    Slimfy increases the level of metabolism in your body. The ingredients boost the level of energy in your body and keep you active all day long.

•    In the three stages of the weight loss supplement, you will acquire a wide range of health benefits. The three stages of Slimfy aim to provide a unique weight loss supplement to its users. By following the three stages of the supplement, you will achieve your desired weight.

•    Till date, the weight loss product, Slimfy, has received positive responses from the customers around the globe.

•    Slimfy has become popular because the product contains no side effects. Hence, the users can use it with ease.

A Guaranteed Weight Loss Program
The three stage slimming process makes Slimfy more effective for all. If you are not satisfied with the weight loss package program, then you will get the money back within 90 days of the use of the product. The refund policy is open for people who will prove that Slimfy has not helped reduce their weight. All you have to do is to mail them your photo which will show the appearance of yours before and after the use of Slimfy. Danica Barr discussed positively the side effects on her blog as well.

Use Slimfy supplement to keep your weight under control. Try 30 days of Slimfy, risk-free. Check it out.…

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